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Can I put this order on my credit card?
Credit card orders can be placed by phone with one of our customer service representatives or through our website.
Do I need a purchase order number to place an order?
This depends on your school or district’s ordering policy. If you need a P.O# to appear on the invoice in order for payment to be authorized, be sure to enter it on your order form.
How long will it take for my books to arrive?
Titles that we have in stock are shipped within 24 hours, and generally arrive within a week and a half. Titles that are back-ordered from the publisher generally arrive within two and a half to three weeks. Air shipments are available if you need guaranteed delivery times. Just let us know what you need.
I see the same title listed as available from multiple publishers, at varying costs. What’s the difference?
The text of any given book, unless listed as abridged or revised, or as having a different translator, will be the same regardless of which publisher you choose. The differences are in print size, paper thickness, quality of the cover art and format of the footnotes. Because of these differences, the pagination may not match between publishers, even though the text is the same. Feel free to call and ask us for more specific comparisons.
I am considering several titles for my next semester. Can I get review copies?
You may request examination copies of up to five different stock titles. We charge half the cover price of the book to cover shipping and handling. Send your request on school letterhead with payment enclosed. Requests for examination copies cannot be processed via the Internet.
Are the prices listed in your catalog and on your web site guaranteed?
All prices listed are subject to change by the publishers. The surest way to get price information is to call before you place your order. If the books are in stock, we can guarantee the price. We try to notify our customers of price increases before we ship books, especially the dramatic changes from mass market to trade paperback editions. This gives the option of cancelling the order if the substitution is unacceptable, or helping you find an alternative selection.
We have tried to answer just a few of the most common questions. Feel free to call or email if you need any further information about our services, or if you need any information about titles. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

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